About Me

My mother would say I have always been a dancer. It was, in fact, my mother who introduced me to Argentine Tango. The first time I saw a couple dancing and heard the music, I was hooked.

My first class was with Miguel Angel Pla, from Buenos Aires, in the spring of 1999.  Miguel told me two things that weekend, “the only way to learn is to do” and, “some people wear tango like a jacket but for others it is in their blood.”  These two statements help shape my tango journey, and yes, it is in my blood

Since that first class I continued intensive studies with Miguel Pla on his twice-yearly visits from Buenos Aires. In addition to Miguel, Susana Domingues in Vancouver and Eduardo Saucedo were important teachers for me when I first began.

In 2003 I started an Argentine Tango community in the Comox Valley (with Miguel’s seal of approval).  For many years I helped to organize Miguel’s multi-community West Coast tour and had the privilege of attending many milongas, workshops, and private lessons.

I have taken lessons from many different visiting teachers and performed on stage but I have always come back to Miguel’s clear and concise teaching: ‘simple’ fundamentals, elegance, precision, musicality, and respect.  This is what I love and continue to share with my tango community.

Sharing my tango knowledge with others on northern Vancouver Island has helped me stay connected to the dance I love and the amazing people that I have met along the way. By following my passion for tango I have helped create a most remarkable community.


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