A mash-up of things overheard at class:

Brand-new male beginner: This is boring, all this walking. When are we going to learn how to dance?

Intermediate female dancer: When I walk in tango it feels like heaven.

Brand-new female beginner: What is the count for tango?

Brand-new male beginner: I can’t hear the music. How do I find the count?

Intermediate male dancer: You need contra-body for it to work and feel like tango.

Brand-new beginner (male and female): Can you do a demo with some kicks, jumps, and fancy moves? {BTW it was at practica and my answer was no.}

Intermediate dancer: I just can’t get enough of …Canaro, D’Agostino, Di Sarli, Calo, D’Arienzo etc…

What’s my point? Well, many people come to tango with a pre-conceived notion of what tango is.  I have seen people come to tango for one reason and then stay because they experienced something they never had before.   There are, however, folks that just don’t fall in love {gasp} and that is okay too.