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We are all diamonds in the rough when it comes to tango.  I believe each and every person can become a great dancer if they constantly have an open mind and are willing to work on their technique, alone and with a partner.  Yes, I am talking about Tango Fundamentals.  Most everyone in my small group gets excited about Fundamentals class.  I think it is because they are starting to realize that good technique = good dancing.  That’s why we call it our FUNdamentals class because it is F.U.N.

Here are three ‘simple’ fundamentals that we practice:

Pivoting.  Such a simple thing yet so hard to do with elegance, balance, and frame.  For me the true testament of a great tango follow is her pivots. Quick, light, and collected is what we strive for.  Leads pivot too and this helps with their walking…

Walking.  Again simple but so difficult to do beautifully.  If both lead and follow walk ‘on the line’ it is easier to a) stay in a comfortable embrace with chests facing one another, and b) stay to the line-of-dance and keep our balance….

Balance.  I find this is a learned skill.  If each dancer is responsible for his or her own balance there is a comfort and connection in the embrace.  If one or both are struggling with their balance -and where their balance is – then the embrace can turn into a tiresome wrestling match.

I have only touched on three fundamental techniques.  What are some essential fundamentals for you and your dancing?