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There is something special that happens at The Bridge Lounge on Monday Nights. Well-dressed, black clad, sparkly people with strange bags full of fancy shoes glide up the stairs and into Tango Practica.

The Bridge is transformed into tango heaven and the dance floor is full of blissed-out dancers. There are numerous hugs – hello & goodbye – much laughter, and music that is truly sublime all of which creates a magical atmosphere.

You may see them leaving hours later with very contented looks on their faces, with or without some of their possessions (blissed-out tango dancers are very forgetful). They may even hug goodbye again and then wave, already yearning for next week’s dancing.

There is always this magical quality at Practica. I can never put my finger on how and why it happens and some weeks it is different with different combinations of dancers.  There does not seem to be a full-proof equation for success but I am convinced that music plays a major role.

I also feel that this tango magic is found in the details like well-stocked mints (my community may only come for the mints actually now that I think about it), or the table/chair placement, or the thoughtfully constructed tandas, or the Tango Special drink that Nicola pours with care, or an extra mop of the dance floor.  Maybe it is that they are all dancing with intention…again intangible and mysterious; the magic of tango.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I {heart} Monday Night Tango at The Bridge shifted to Tango Tuesday in the Fall of 2011. Visit Valley Tango for the current schedule.