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Falling in love.

What does falling in love have anything to do with tango?  Well, it has been described that learning tango is like falling in love and that to really learn tango you must first fall in love with it.

When someone begins he can be dazzled by things that are external; the things of tango are internal… A dancer arrives at the roots of tango when he falls in love…  ~Eduardo Arquimba

For some people tango is love at first sight, head-over-heels, married-in-Vegas kind of love .  For others it is a slow burn.  Maybe they are already dating another dance but wake up thinking of tango and need to be near it.

El tango te espera (tango waits for you).  ~Anibal Troilo

Tango is the kind of gal you take home to meet your mother.   It is a serious commitment not a passing fancy.

Tango is a culture, not a dance. Neither is tango a summer or weekend fashion. ~Jorge Dispari

Learning how to live life and be madly in love can be a challenge, especially to the real people in your life.  A balance must be found and everything needs to be put in perspective.  You have to be able to think for yourself and make good, solid choices rather than blindly following your new found love down any old road named ‘tango’.  It is not a competition about who is the most in love, nor is it a race.

I also think, in certain circles, that tango needs to be grouped into Things-you-don’t-discuss-with-relatives like sex, religion, and politics.  It can get rather heated if Tango-L is any indication.

Falling in love is blissful.

No matter at which stage of love you are with tango, I wish you a long and wonderous relationship.  I welcome you to share you love stories.