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Gum Shoe
Image by mahalie via Flickr

Dance Floors.  We don’t think of the floor unless it is really bad or incredibly good but it is an important component of  dancing tango.

At our Practica this week the floor was unusually sticky, so sticky that you could hear people’s shoes making sucking sounds. I am not kidding.

In the eight years that I have been renting halls, studios, and churches for my tango practicas and lessons I have had some interesting experiences.

I have had halls that smelled like something had died in the crawl space, halls where the floor would be silk one week and glue the next, a hall that scheduled the bagpipe band practice & tango class at the same time, a hall that had been turned into someone’s living room overnight and we had to move couches to have our dance class, a hall where they started setting up tables and chairs on the dance floor while I was teaching a class …need I continue?

I can deal with all the funny scheduling stuff but when the floor is sticky or downright gunky it affects everyone’s dance.  It is not inspiring.  It is frustrating.

What I learned at Practica after last Monday night’s sticky floor was that I have some mighty dedicated tango dancers and I’m a pretty good DJ.  I also realized that no matter what you do you can’t control the state of the floor unless you own it.

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