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Tango still inspires me, greatly moves me, and my passion has not diminished in the slightest, but I feel something has gotten lost in translation recently.

Maybe more to the point Tango has morphed into a commercial, more performance-based dance.  What do students want to learn and do?  Well, what they see on TV and YouTube, what else?  Can you really blame them?  That is what they think tango is and maybe this first impression is the door that allows them to walk into this wide-world of tango, to get to know the real tango.  I hope so.

Am I stubborn in not wanting to conform and give students the steps and sequences that they see on TV?  Yes.  I feel responsible for my community.  I want a room full of good dancers who have balance, musicality, dance in the line-of-dance, and therefor feel the connection that tango has.

I have to dance and teach my authentic tango, the stuff that reaches into my belly, that moves me, that delves into the layers, tango that respects the roots and traditions.  If I am only teaching a handful of people then so be it.  That handful of people ‘get it’.

I will continue to dance my authentic tango.  Anyone want to come with me?  Anyone want to ‘dance with the tiger’?

‘You’re going to play it too, you’re going to dance with the tiger. Don’t worry, your life is in danger. Remember your instructions. Listen up. And suffer, motherf*#!er, this is the tango.’  From the liner notes of Zero Hour – Piazzolla

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