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I watched this clip of Derek Sivers on TED about how a movement starts.  It is hilarious, truthful, and profound.

I thought of tango and how sometimes I feel like the fool dancing on the hill all by myself.  And how it only takes a few other brave folks joining me to keep the energy going.  “The first follower is actually an underestimated form of leadership in itself…It is the first follower who tranforms the lone nut into a leader.”

I like being at the beginning of something.  I think there is pure magic in it.  Yes, it is hard but the reward is in knowing that you helped shape something.  While doing so there may be big bumps in the road but the fun part is in the discovery.

My tango community is somewhere in the middle; not quite brand new but sustaining itself nicely.  Tango is like life or a relationship; some days are mundane while others are magical.  Without a few brave souls dancing by themselves and then the ‘followers’ joining in there would be no tango here, that is for sure.