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I have not felt inspired to write anything lately.  The tango-life/family-life balance has been strongly tilted to family-life these past few months.  However, last night my tango community inspired me.  Here are some paraphrased moments from last night’s Practica:

“I can finally feel the music,  it’s like it is moving through me.  It feels wonderful.”

“My tea is stone cold. I have been dancing so much I haven’t had time to drink it.”

“Dancing tango is like a three-minute love story, no that is not the right word….love affair?  No, still not the right word…well, you know what I mean!”  “Yes, a connection that can’t be described.”

“I miss tango so much when I am not dancing it.  I hear a commercial with tango music and I start doing ochos in my kitchen.  There is nothing else like it.”

“Oh!  When you turn off the music it is like a death!”

I love my community!