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In all my years of being immersed in tango I have found that the group energy ebbs and flows.  At the moment it  is flowing and I am doing my best to stay on top of the awesome energy and ride the wave of enthusiasm for tango.

Life can get in the way of tango sometimes though.   Things like laundry, supper,  Christmas preparations and parties,  school concerts, work…the list is endless.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.

Tango usually wins over more mundane tasks and rightly so!  As a teacher/organizer I spend a lot of time behind the scenes setting up the right environment for learning and practicing.  It seems to be paying off as my community is growing and thriving.

I find I am always balancing between family time and tango time, since the two have not merged yet.  It can be a challenge when I want to be in two places at once but I always put family first.  One day, perhaps when the kiddos are bigger, I will  have even more energy to devote to tango.

For now I will enjoy being at Practica and Class with my eyes closed letting the tango energy wash over me and  fill me up for the times when I am not near it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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