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I am inspired by a recent blog post about how Tango is not an addiction.  I agree!  The word Addiction has such negative connotations.  Can you imagine what a tango treatment centre would look like?  I will never be cured!  I am not going to tango rehab.

I am laughing as I write this because we don’t really know what we are getting into when we start tango.  We may think we know or have some idea of what tango is, but generally we don’t.

I have  joked with my  students that I should have them sign a waiver stating: I am not responsible for where tango may take you!  But for the most part I let the new dancers find out for themselves how passionate you become when tango finds you.

I have seen many things happen because of this passion.  Because tango has taken them to a place of self fulfillment, expanded their horizons, given them a community within which to grow and thrive, and given them permission to have such a passion.

So my question is this:  Do we warn the beginners?  Or do we smile, nod, keep playing the music and then watch as they quit boring jobs, rip up all the carpet in their house and put in a dance floor,  travel far and wide to dance , leave stagnant relationships, start a shoe collection, buy clothing that sparkles, walk with a different step, and become night owls….?!

I warned them and thank goodness they didn’t listen to me! 😉