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Tango:  A feeling that you dance.

That saying is all well and good but how on earth do you teach and learn ‘feeling’?

For me it comes down to being present in the moment, the millisecond, the breath.  Working with what you know, sticking to the fundamentals.  Focusing on your steps, your embrace, your inner thoughts, your energy until you feel a connection with your partner and/or the music.

What is your intention?  Let’s connect in the embrace, with our first step, and have intention with every step after, every pause, all the time.  Let’s have tone in our embrace, our baby toes, our ankles.  Wake up forgotten knees, hips, hands, shoulders, necks and be aware throughout the entire dance.

Great professional athletes, dancers, actors, musicians all have incredible focus.  They train for it. And because of this intense training they are able to perform to their utmost ability.  We as tango dancers need to harness a fraction of that focus to be present with our dancing, to experience connection.

It is a heck of a lot easier to teach fancy figure after fancy figure, step after step.  That would be fine if we were doing choreography for a show, but we aren’t.  We are trying to form and become great tango dancers within our tango community.  And in order to do that we need to somehow teach and learn how to dance with feeling.

How do you turn off your inner to-do list, find the moment, feel connected?  How is your teacher helping you get to that place in your tango journey?  Or how are you as a teacher teaching this to your students?

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