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For me, learning tango didn’t just happen on the dance floor at milongas or struggling with figures in class. For me learning also happened while sitting around a kitchen table.  A kitchen table late at night with a glass of wine surrounded by good tango friends.

These people are my Tango Family (one is even related) and this is where I truly discovered tango;  bits of information that aren’t part of class but are an essential part of this dance.  So when I saw these YouTube clips, that Oscar Casas so thoughtfully edited, it made me think of my own experiences.  And how those times around the kitchen table have helped shaped who I am as a dancer today.

Here is a sweet quote from the video of Osvaldo Cartery speaking of dancing with his wife Coca and what tango means to him.

“For me it is a pleasure to dance.  I have it in my soul. It is delightful.  I’m just like a kid with a lollipop. Tango is my lollipop!  Let me tell you something – when I get up to give an exhibition, I see all the people, but as soon as I put my arm around Coca, I see no one.  There is only Coca and me.”



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