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Last week in class we talked about connecting with our partner and how to express feeling through movement.  I found this Note from Eugene Grigoryev: What is Tango? and thought it really described the ‘tango moment’.


“Tango is more than just a dance or a sequence of steps. It is an expression of our emotions, an inner reflection of who we are and what we experience, a way to channel what we feel through movement. Tango is a language of expressing what we feel through motion, stirred in us by music, in unison with our partner. It comes into your lives in many different ways, as simple interest, a hobby, or a fascination… and ever so slowly it becomes an addiction.

A simple look, a gesture, a smile, an eye contact, his askance to lead, her acceptance to be led, all done without any need of verbal communication. As the music compels them, she comes close to him, they embrace… they feel each other breathe, they feel the passionate song unfold, it flows through their bodies, invigorating them, stirring emotions, which they both share…they can be strangers in real life, but as long as they are in this tango moment, they can be anyone they want… You don’t have to know the person or even want to know them. Time ceases to exist during this moment, both dancers are moving to the music, listening for it to tell them what to do…they slow down, pause, accelerate, suspend, all in the moment…almost as being possessed by the music.
Outside of this moment is the real world, with its everyday problems, solutions, responsibilities, deadlines….but not here, not now… Now it is only tango, a refuge, a moment of surreal experience of desire, longing… words are not meant to describe it.”

For more of the article visit: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note%20id=39585867347

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